Friday, July 24, 2009

You Missed Yesterday Day!

You slept through yesterday. You slept a full 36 hours. You don't know why. You weren't drugged. You weren't sick. You just didn't wake up.

You'll go to the doctor and he'll tell you that there's nothing wrong with you.

"You were sleepy," he'll say.

"Do I look different to you?" you'll ask. "Like maybe yesterday was a big sleep to prep for me turning it all around in my life? Do you think maybe from here on in I'm really gonna make it happen?"

You doctor will flash his pen light in your eyes.

"Only time will tell," he'll say.

When you go home from the doctor, you'll sit still on the couch, waiting for your new resolve to kick in. After about an hour, you'll turn on the TV and watch three Law & Order SVU's, then you'll crank call your ex.

Happy You Missed Yesterday Day!