Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You Know Lou Barlow Day!

You don’t have all that much going for you except that you know Lou Barlow. You and he used to be roommates way, way back when, and after losing touch with him, you moved into his current neighborhood solely so that you would be able to contact him and tell him you and he should get together again. You had brunch in 2005, and that’s the last you and he spoke face to face. Though you do send him emails.

Since there’s really not much to be said for you and what you’ve done with yourself while you’ve existed, it doesn’t take you too long to tell someone you’ve just met that you know Lou Barlow. “We have brunch sometimes,” you say. 85% of the time, you have to explain who Lou Barlow is. Of the 15% who don’t need you to explain, only 4% of them seem impressed, and of that 4%, 95% are faking it because they’re just happy to finally have something to talk to you about.

Today Lou Barlow is going to call you and ask if you can come pick him up from a service station. His car broke down and since you live in his neighborhood, he figured you wouldn’t mind that much. Unfortunately, he’ll call when you’re not getting a signal. When you get the message, you’ll call him back and leave a voicemail asking if he still needs a ride. A few hours later, he’ll text back with “never mind.” You’ll call him and leave a voicemail with a long apology, and Lou Barlow will text back “don’t worry about it.” Tonight, you’ll feel like that was your last shot at really having a relationship with Lou Barlow and you blew it. You’ll spend the next ten years coming to terms with the fact that it’s all downhill from here.

Happy You Know Lou Barlow Day!