Monday, September 24, 2007

The Party City Massacre Day!

Today you’re going to go into Party City, your local discount party superstore, and you’re going to give the girl behind the counter a note that says you have a bomb in your pants and she’d better start filling up the helium balloons or it’s curtains.

The girl will push the police call button under her register that’s there for just this sort of emergency, and then she’ll start filling up the balloons. Soon the police will surround the place asking what you want. Tell them a jet to buy some time while the girl keeps filling up helium balloons. Soon the entire store will be full from floor to ceiling with balloons. The windows will be completely blocked by them. To move back and forth you have to shove your way through that giant huddle of balloons.

Once the girl behind the counter fills up the last balloon, shout out to the police, “You’re out of time.” Then just start shooting the balloons down, one by one. Happy Birthday, Congrats To The Grad, Big 4-0, and Welcome Home, all of them are gonna get it from your .38. The bullets will tear apart the balloons and they’ll fall like the empty clothes in “War Of The Worlds.” The police will be outside cursing the God that made you as they listen helplessly to the massacre inside. Finally, when enough balloons have been shot down that they can see inside, they’ll send in their assault team and take you down. For every balloon they save, that’s another gathering of people given the chance to party.

“No one takes away a citizen’s right to party,” the commanding officer says. “Not in my city. Deploy SWAT.” Then SWAT deploys right up your pants leg and in and out of the goddamn ball sack pocket of your brief underwears.

Happy The Party City Massacre Day!