Friday, September 07, 2007

There’s A Prince At The Door Day!

He’s got a cock ring and he wants to see if it fits you. Someone left it behind at a masquerade ball the night prior. Try it on and maybe you can be his princess.

“Well?” you’ll say when you come out of the bathroom sporting the glittery rubber ring.

The Prince will look at you and shake his head. “Good God no. Take that off at once and wash it.”

You’ll do as he says. You’ll feel very stupid and rejected while scrubbing away at the cock ring. Once or twice you’ll hear the Prince sigh impatiently outside the bathroom door.

“Here,” you’ll say, holding the cock ring out to him. “Sorry I made you wait.”

“As you should be, peasant,” the Prince will say.

“Who’s out there Bryan?” your roommate, Leon, will shout to you from his room.

“Just some Prince, Leon,” you’ll say.

Leon will race into the living room and he and the Prince will lock eyes. The Prince will hold the cock ring out to Leon, and you’ll know before he even bothers to try it on that it will fit perfectly. When Leon comes out of the bathroom looking absolutely majestic in his cock ring, the Prince will whisk him away to live the rest of his life as royalty, and you’ll go on Craig’s List to place yet another ad seeking a roommate.

Happy There’s A Prince At The Door Day!