Thursday, September 13, 2007

You Don’t Want To Rent Dune Buggies Out In The Desert Day!

“I don’t like the desert,” tell him. “It’s dry, and dune buggies are dangerous. We’ll never get insured.”

He’s turning 35 in a year and eight months and he wants to get out of the rat race in advance of that. His idea is to go out into the desert, live in a wooden shack and rent out Dune Buggies to people who want to come out and have fun in the sand, or who are looking for someone who went into the desert and never came back.

“Get your feet off my dreams,” your fiancé will say. “I don’t want to be a wealthy securities broker when I’m 35. I wanna feel sand on my lips. I wanna smell the rubber of big round tires. I wanna live in a house with inventive plumbing.”

Tell him if he does that, the marriage is off. He’ll go and think about it, then come back to you.

“Okay, never mind the dune buggies. Let’s own and operate a roller coaster in Illinois.”

He’ll show you a Craig’s List ad for a Roller Coaster that is for sale. It’s located not far from where the man you truly love lives. This is a sign. You are meant to operate that roller coaster so he can take his kids there, see you, and the two of you can throw yourselves into a thrilling and careless affair.

“Done,” say. Your fiancé will kiss you on the lips in gratitude. He has no idea.

Happy You Don’t Want To Rent Dune Buggies Out In The Desert Day!