Friday, September 28, 2007

Depressed Roommate Who Isn’t Eating His Ice Cream Day!

Your roommate has been depressed for a couple of months now. He’s spending all his time alone in his room, sleeping all day or sitting in the tub for hours on end. He always looks unkempt, like it was a real effort for him just to get dressed. Anytime he comes home from work he just marches right past you without saying a word and goes into his bedroom, slamming his door behind him. It’s been great for you because you get to watch whatever you want on TV.

The problem is, he bought some ice cream back before he got depressed and he hasn’t opened it yet. You’d like to open it and eat it but you’re afraid that if you eat his ice cream that might be the thing that sends him over the edge and makes him off himself. It’s almond swirl.

Today you should try to pretend that you want to cheer him up so you can say, “Come on, pally. Buck up! Hey I know! Why don’t we eat that ice cream in the freezer? That’ll lift your spirits. Mmm. Ice cream. I’ll go get two spoons and a bowl.”

When you knock on his door to ask him if you can come in to talk, he’ll open the door with a pile of his CDs in his hand. He’ll say, “I don’t feel like talking. But here, I want you to have these. I won’t be needing them soon.”

The CDs are all really good and you’ll go into your room and start listening to them. It’ll be a lot of fun, but you’ll keep having this nagging thought that something’s not right. You’re sitting in there listening to all of your roommate’s CDs, and you just know it would feel so much better if you could listen to your roommate’s CDs while eating your roommate’s ice cream.

Tonight, you’re not going to be able to handle it anymore. You’re going to go to the freezer and open up his tub of ice cream and stick a spoon in it. As you walk back to your room with the tub, he’ll open his bedroom door and see you spooning a hunk of the delicious dessert to your mouth. You’ll stop where you’re standing, and he’ll stare at you, not quite angry, not quite hurt. He won’t appear to be feeling anything really. Neither of you will move before he shuts his bedroom door again. You’ll decide that since he didn’t say anything, he must be fine with you eating his ice cream, maybe even glad that it's not going to waste, that someone who can still enjoy things is digging into that delicious tub of joy he bought back when he could still enjoy things, so you did the right thing.

Happy Depressed Roommate Who Isn’t Eating His Ice Cream Day!