Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Abstinence Makes The Heart Grow Hornier Day!

You and your buddies down at the mill decided to have a contest to see who can go the longest without having sex with a woman. After eighteen years it’s just you, Marcus and Joey left. Chris ended up screwing a hooker when he went to Reno in 2000. And Matt divorced his wife in 1998 and so he kind of went on the warpath and had sex with two different women in 1999. He married the second and kept on having sex with her until 2003. Matt is so out of the running.

Chris and Chipper have started a side contest since Chris hasn’t had any since 2002 and Chipper just did that one deed in 2001 when his ex-wife rolled into town to try to get her new husband pissed. They’re thinking that maybe you, Marcus and Joey will eventually either dip your wicks or die, so they should keep the faith to see if they can outlive you and top your record, whomever of you sets it.

The thing is, after eighteen years without, you're really horny and you’re starting to worry that the absence of intimacy has turned you mean. You’re an elementary school vice-principal and sometimes at the end of the year you look back on the discipline you’ve handed out for even the most innocent of indiscretions and you just marvel over what you’ve become. When it’s all over, is this really the life you want to have lived? You wonder. Then you imagine telling Marcus or Joey that you had sex with somebody and you can already see the smug looks on their faces. Makes you want to puke. You’ll either have to wait it out, kill them both, or kill yourself. No way you’re giving those shitheads the satisfaction of knowing their wills are stronger than yours. No way.

You’ve already got the rifle. It’s just a choice of whose heads are gonna get caved in. Yours, or theirs? Or all three of ya's? Win, lose, or draw, your involvement in this contest ends tonight.

Happy Abstinence Makes The Heart Grow Hornier Day!