Thursday, June 14, 2007

You Are The Ice Cream Woman Day!

Anytime the children see your Ice Cream Truck coming down the street, they come running at you to buy some of your delicious treats and to ask you questions like when is your husband coming home from Iraq and why is there war?

“I’d like one 4th of July Pop,” little Kimmy says. “And I’d like to know if you’re angry at George Bush for taking your husband away and making you drive his Ice Cream Truck.”

You explain that getting angry doesn’t help anybody, and you’d drive your husband’s ice cream truck to the end of the Earth if it meant his Ice Cream route would still be secure and profitable when he returns. “He loves this route and he misses you kids so much. I have to make sure it’s all still here for him when he gets back.”

“Fudgsicle,” Hank the fat kid says. “Is your husband winning the war?”

You give Hank his fudgsicle and you tell him your husband is doing his part.

“Banana Split Pop,” Lizzie the child of divorce says. “I’m uncomfortable buying Ice Cream from an Ice Cream Woman. Ice Cream should be bought from Ice Cream Men.”

You give Lizzie her pop and you tell her about the sacrifices that are made in times of war. Then you tell her about Rosie the Riveter and the Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell movie “Swing Shift.” Lizzie points out that Goldie cheated on Ed Harris in “Swing Shift.” You quickly jump behind the wheel and peel out.

Happy You Are The Ice Cream Woman Day!