Monday, June 04, 2007

Blood In The Barbecue Sauce Day!

At the State Fair last night, you lost the Boldest Baddest Best BBQ Sauce Contest to Louie Watkins. Today you’re going to take his life.

“I knew you’d come,” he’ll say from behind his grill.

“It’s not fair,” you’ll say. “Your sauce tastes like assholes.”

Louie will turn off a pork shank. It will sizzle.

“The people have spoken,” he’ll say.

“I have a rebuttal,” you’ll say to Louie. Then you’ll shoot him twice in the chest. A cloud of red will form on his apron, blotting out the “If You Don’t Like My Ribs, SUCK THE BONE!” decal. Louie’s young daughter will go to her daddy and hold his hand while he dies. She’ll look up at you.

“I have to raise you now,” you’ll say.

“I don’t want you to raise me,” Louie’s daughter will say.

“It’s the way things are done,” you’ll say. “It’s in the sauce.”

You’ll snatch Louie’s daughter and the two of you will take off for Kansas City where you’ll build a BBQ empire with a brand new sauce recipe. Your sauce will put Louie’s daughter through Harvard. It will buy her and her husband a house. It will fill the space under her Christmas tree with presents for her grandkids. After many years she’ll visit your sauce factory and find several small glass tanks of blood labeled, “Louie’s Blood. Add One Small Drop per Fifty Vats.”

Suddenly she’ll realize her entire life of luxury has been built from her father’s murder. She’ll want to throw everything away in honor of her father, but can she? And did she know all along? Couldn’t she have guessed when you chose the slogan, “Sauce So Good You’ll Think I Murdered My Daughter’s Biological Pappi!” Yes, she probably could have guessed. That slogan is very obvious and she probably could have guessed.

Happy Blood In The Barbecue Sauce Day!