Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Magic Samantha Day!

Today you are 76 and you’re going to tell your husband the truth.

“I’m actually not magic at all.”

“But all these years I’ve lived in fear of your powers. I gave up so much.”

You’ll explain that you just told him you were magic when you and he were back in high school because you wanted to go out with him and you didn’t want him to be friends with his stupid asswad rich kid clique anymore. So you told him your powers were great and he had to be your boyfriend and love you. If he refused, you warned him that you would turn him into a squirrel and you would set Marnie, the girl he really loved, on fire.

“My life. I’ve lived my whole life in fear. Of a fraud.”

“We had some good times.”

“Marnie. Marnie.”

He’ll just go on like that for a month. Moaning Maarnie. Maaaarnie! After a while you’ll wish you were magic so you could rip his tongue out without worrying about him biting your hand. Later, he’ll go.

Happy Magic Samantha Day!