Wednesday, October 06, 2004

You Are A Designer Of Gift Wrap Day!

Here are the top-selling patterns from your line:

1. Vaginas And Some Rainbows
2. Locker Combinations To Famous People's Gym Lockers, And Some Santa Clauses
3. Leonardo Dicaprio In Racecars And The Word "Baby"
4. Christmas Trees And Sandwiches
5. A Chart Of Presently Legal Assault Weaponry

Today you unveil the Your Dead Sons And Some Fire Engines line. It's misguided, but you miss your dead son so much you have no choice but to watercolor him all over your Gift Wrap. As usual, fans of your designs have already pre-ordered 7,000 rolls without even a preview. You're rich and really crazy.

Happy You Are A Designer Of Gift Wrap Day!