Thursday, September 16, 2004

Phone Call From A Sobbing Married Man Day!

Please, he's saying, please he needs you and he loves you.

"I'm definitely leaving her," he's saying. "I don't even want to lay my eyes on her again."

Please I need you and let me come over, he's saying.

"I can't," you're saying. "You won't leave. I know you won't leave."

I have no choice is what he's saying. If you'd heard the way she talked to me tonight is the thing he's trying to drive home. You'd know it's already dead. If you'd been there, when they fought, you'd know there's nothing left.

"Please," he's saying.

"I want to be with you," is what you're going on about. "But not until you leave her. For good."

He's saying this is for good baby.

"No, you have to leave her first." You just put your foot down.

Now he's really crying. "My God I've left. I'm out on the street. I'm calling you from the street."

You wanna ask him, did you really leave.

"Did you really leave?" you ask him.

You don't wanna ask him if he left because it was the end of a fight or if he left because people who decide they're going to divorce leave.

He's saying yes he left. You both knew from the beginning that he was gonna come over. Everyone did. No reason to go on with it all. The end.

Happy Phone Call From A Sobbing Married Man Day!