Sunday, September 26, 2004

Do It All For Your Girlfriend's Smile Day!

Tell her if it makes her smile, it's done.

"Steal that for me," she'll say. You'll pocket the peppermint patty and halfway down the block you'll place it on her tongue. Her smile will bob back and forth like a rowboat on rough seas as she chews her candy.

"Dance there," she'll say. You'll get up from your table and do the running man in the center of the patio. All of the brunchers will laugh. But you won't notice. Your eyes will be trained on your girlfriend's mouth, pink stretched wide over white.

"Kill my Dad," she'll say. You'll leap from the couch and slam his head into the living room floor over and over again until you hear a crack. She'll get up and kick his stilled ribs. You'll smear the blood from your eyelids but she won't be smiling.

"Where's my smile?" you'll ask. "Come on."

She'll cry. You'll understand. But all the same, you did have a deal.

She'll cry into the palms of her hands and you'll rub her back instead of accusing her of welching.

Happy Do It All For Your Girlfriend's Smile Day!