Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Flash Of Lightning, Say Goodbye Day!

You saw it when you were waiting by the printer. A brief flash of lightning from atop those clouds to the south. The storm is beginning.

"The storm is beginning," you should say to the account rep with whom you're in love and from whose cubicle you must keep to a minimum distance of five feet at all times, even when she calls you over for a meeting.

"Mm," she'll say. "That your storm Henry?"

You'll say, "The Final Rain, yes. It has begun."

Run inside her cubicle, race behind her desk and stifle her cries with the palm of your hand.

Whisper into her ear, "I know you are frightened, but you've left us no other choice but to share our last moments thusly. You've chosen not to understand me, but I have some things to say before our time on this Earth ends. Now that we are all about to die, I am not afraid of what repercussions may come."

With the hand that is not clamped over her mouth, pet the top of her head. Whisper, "I have loved you. I have loved you with a love that has consumed all of my being. My love for you has been my life, ever since just before I went perm. This life, and with it this love, is about to be washed away into the swirl of the greatest of floods. I had to voice this love, so that we might both acknowledge its existence and kiss it goodbye."

Kiss the part of her hair. Once.

"Thank you," say. Then let go of her head, walk out of her cubicle, and as she screams accusations of assault and insanity, walk calmly to the stairs, where you will begin your descent into the inevitable.

Happy Flash Of Lightning, Say Goodbye Day!