Sunday, June 20, 2004

Believe In Him Day!

Some girls think that believing in their boys amounts to being nothing more than a kiss-ass "yes-man." You know better. You know that back-rubs are necessary.

When your boy comes home from a hard day at the laboratory, he'll sit down at the kitchen table and cry. Go to him.

Say, "No progress today baby?"

He'll say, "Science is dead. There's no one left with vision."

Say, "You'll open their eyes."

He'll pull his head out of his hands and look up at you.

Say, "You're going to change this world baby. I know it."

He'll accuse you of knowing nothing about anything and he'll hit you. You'll cower on the floor, wiping the small bauble of blood from your lower lip.

Say, "I don't want you to feel bad about this baby. I don't want it to get in the way of your work."

He'll say, "You believe in me."

You'll say, "I gave up on God the day I met you. I looked into your eyes and I thought this kid can deliver results."

He'll take off his shirt and sit in kitchen chair. You'll get the oil from atop the refrigerator and you'll coat your hands. You'll knead him back on track.

Happy Believe In Him Day!