Friday, June 25, 2004

Climb Up And Tell Her So Day!

Scale the trellis with some stealth. Her father has a shotgun. The window isn't going anywhere, so go step by step and keep your weight towards the house. That thing isn't very secure.

Her window will be open, but don't use your voice to wake her. Scratch your fingernail against the screen in swift swipes.

There she is. She's cloudy behind that screen, but she's there.

She'll ask, "What are you doing out there?"

Say "I'm in love with you. I have been since sophomore year."

She'll nod and say mm hmm, scrunching up her nose and rubbing at her eyes when she does it.

"Your boyfriend is wrong for you. My love is true. Please accept it."

When she says, "It's a barbecue," you'll realize she's still half-asleep, in a dream.

Say, "Hey! I need you to get this!"

She'll snap awake and look at you like she just caught sight of you out there.

"That's better," say. "As I was saying, do you wanna go out with me? I love you. Have for a while now."

She'll shake her head.

Ask if it's because she has a boyfriend and explain that she should leave him for you because you're caring and your love is true.

"No," she'll say. "I'm just not attracted to you. I'm too young to settle for the guy who'll take the right care of me."

Blink your eyes, not sure whether you can believe what you're hearing. Remember, you're the only one she should be with, ever.

"For now," she'll say, "I want to raise a little hell. Get hurt a few times. Then I'll make the cautious choice and go for someone like you."

Ask, "How long?"

She'll say "12 years minimum."

Tell her you're gonna go home then.

Happy Climb Up And Tell Her So Day!