Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Driving Test Day!

Your instructor is going to say that you are by far the absolute worst driver he's ever seen. This will happen after you drive up onto a sidewalk and crash through a giant balloon full of banana peels and slice a man clean in two at the waist. Luckily, your driving instructor has a dorky son.

"He goes to your school. You seem real hot. Take my son to the prom and you'll walk away with a driver's license right here this afternoon."

He'll show you his son's picture. You'll recognize the boy. You'll say, "Bobby Boogerbrain? No way!"

The instructor will yank his son's picture away from you. "His name is Bobby McFarlaine. And you just failed your driving test young lady."

You'll feel bad, and a little pissed. "Look, I'm sorry. I don't know your son that well. And I already have a date."

"You'll feel even worse ten years from now when my son uses his intelligence to soar to the top of industry," the driving instructor will say.

"Actually, your son isn't all that bright," you'll say. "It's true, he doesn't fit in all that well. But it's not because he's so caught up in school. I'm in way better classes than he is. In fact, I bet a big reason he doesn't really fit in is because he's so dumb."

"Yeah, you're right," the instructor will say. "And I guess he's in no rush to go to prom. He might get held back this year."

Suddenly, you'll agree to take him to the prom. You'll explain why.

"Wait a minute," you'll say. "Maybe a date with me is just the boost of confidence your son needs to get himself on the track to success. I'll do it!"

"Great," the instructor will say. "Looks like you just became a licensed driver."

"Oh no," you'll object. "I'm not doing this to get the license. I just want to help."

"I know," the instructor will say. "And crash or no crash, we need a generous heart like yours out on the road!"

Happy The Driving Test Day!