Saturday, August 16, 2003

Record For You Day!

There's a boy in his little tiny bedroom burning two compact discs on Hugh Street in downtown Milwaukee.

There's a girl who hasn't given a moment of thought to the boy in the previous sentence in about twenty four weeks. She lives on Wendyl Rd in downtown Milwaukee.

There's a boy who's in love with the girl on Wendyl Rd who can't wait to finish burning those two compact discs that he's burning and give them to the girl on Wendyl Rd. with an explanation.

"I know you'll love these as much as I do," he'll say. "They were kind of recorded for you, in my opinion," he'll add.

The girl on Wendyl Rd will scan the handwriting on the Maxell card and say, "For me."

"For you," the boy will confirm, and his voice will crack, though he's 28.

"And have you ever given these same recordings to another girl?" she'll ask.

"Nineteen others," he'll say.

Spit on the CDs is what she does then.

The boy is fine, relax. He'll say, "I wanted to give them to you ever since I heard the first note. But you were gone. So I spent my time proving that everyone but you isn't you. I'd give each one CDs and watch her react incorrectly. Then I'd get real high for, like, days. And eventually she'd say, Why are you so constantly stoned? And I'd just be like what do you care? Go listen to music wrong. Then I'd imagine you lying awake in bed waiting for me to send you compact discs and wondering what was taking so long. Then I'd lock myself in the bathroom until whoever I was living with would have a breakdown and move back to live with her parents. Then I'd think about calling you, but would get real drunk and fuck shit then move in with someone else before I got the chance. But I'd always be thinking, shit, I never sent those CDs did I?

Then the boy on Hugh Street and the girl from Wendyl Rd love each other until Thanksgiving of this year.

Happy Record For You Day!