Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Fuck The Moon Day!

This evening, no matter how beautiful the moon may turn out to be, just keep fucking walking.

Whether your companion is a blind date going very very well or an ailing grandparent trying to get a last glimpse of things, when you hear the footsteps slow and the crimple of shoulder fabric bunching together as an arm is raised to point at the sky, just keep fucking walking.

Big, crescent, blue, white, bad and rising or lighting up a mile, tonight it's just a fucking moon. So when you hear someone say, "Check it out. Moon, ya'll," you are not only not obligated to stop, but you may actually sprint in your current direction of stride. If the little moon-freak shouts, "What up?" Slow yourself enough to say, "No time, Sagan. They ditch the reservations if we're fifteen minutes late."

Your companion will look at you as if you just said you're way into Hitler. Walk back and explain yourself.

"Look, motherFUCK the moon. It was there last night and it'll be there tomorrow. I'll look at it when I'm dead because when we die we all go to the moon." We do. That's where Jesus lives.

Happy Fuck The Moon Day!