Saturday, August 23, 2003

Impatiently Partying Day!

Soon the party will end and we can all go home and be with our wives and husbands, you're thinking. There's no reason to look at my watch again. I looked at it five minutes ago, and I know we've only been partying for five minutes since then because I've been watching every single second pass like a turtle through a yellow light, you're thinking. As long as I have to stand here and party, I might as well try to make the most of it, you're thinking. Look on the bright side, I may have to party all night, but there is free alcohol everywhere. And I can shout and dance, which are activities I might not have been able to catch up on had I not ended up getting stuck partying tonight, you're thinking. Why can't I ever accept the limitless possibility of every new moment in time, every word spoken to an unfamiliar face? Tonight, I might meet a man who needs my assistance in the murder of his wife, or a woman who wishes for me to cheat on my wife, or a 26 year old who doesn't know how to avoid making his girlfriend his wife, or a 34 year old who's just decided to make his wife his ex-wife, you're thinking. God, I hate my wife, you're thinking.

You're thinking of looking at your watch again, but you know what time it is. You just want to lift your arm from your side and look down at your wrist so that you can have something to do besides trying to muddle through all of this endless, tedious partying.

Happy Impatiently Partying Day!