Friday, August 29, 2003

It's The Girls Are Pretty "Why Don't You All Try To Make Your Own Fucking Choices For A Few Days Instead Of Relying On Some Website That Yammers On And On About Drinking And Fisting All The Time?" Weekend!

Dear Readers of Girls Are Pretty,

Prettygirl finds you all decidedly loathesome and is certain that every last one of you is living with AIDS. Additionally, Prettygirl is going on a little "trip." And by "trip," I do mean "busride to bang-bang town." Normally, when things of this nature occur, your daily personal regression assignments are posted in advance. This time however, you can all go fuck yourselves. For those of you who have not already fallen into a corner to rock back and forth with your knees pulled up to your chin, it's going to be an exciting time of personal discovery. Because you never learn more about yourself than when you make the sort of undeniably horrible decisions you'll all be making for yourselves without much-needed guidance. On Monday, you can come back and find out what you should have done, if you are still alive or have eyes still. For now, here's today and today only. Remember, you matter to no one.



Friday, August 29, 2003

Hug A Puppy And Love It Day!

Go to the pet store and find the bin full of puppies and just pick up every last adorable wittle wuvvy dovey puppydog and hug it to your neck and your chest and kiss it and tell it how much you wuv the wittle baby puppydoggy.

Happy Hug A Puppy And Love It Day!