Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Jumper (Long Lunchbreak) Day!

Coming back from Subway today, you're going to find the street surrounding your building barricaded and a crowd of heads tilted back and eyes up high. Someone's on the ledge of your building, maybe 19 floors up. She's got her hand on one of the abutments just behind her. She looks like she's afraid if she lets go she'll fall.

Your department pays you for the time you're kept out of the building due to bomb threats and fire drills, and you're certain you'll get no argument when you submit your hours for this afternoon. So you're perfectly fine with this lady (you might have ridden the elevator with her once or twice, you can't tell) staying up there as long as she wants. Perhaps she has an ex-husband in Connecticut that's being driven in to talk her down. You might get to stay out in the sunshine for the rest of the--

Whoops there she goes.

Happy Jumper (Long Lunchbreak) Day! Back to work, baby.