Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Fuck Till You're Taller Day!

Three inches. It may seem impossible, and it probably is, but as long as you're going at it the way you have been this week, why not shoot for a goal.

Smarter seems way too out of reach and prettier is way too easy. Fatter, well, I just don't understand how that would work really. And richer implies whores.

So just keep it up for the next 18 to 96 hours, taking breaks to get up and put a line on the doorframe of course. If the line never moves, it's okay. You two are new to this and you both dig when one of you gets up and shows the other how you walk around and touch items around the room. Just tell her:

"Let's do this, you and me, till I'm six foot three."

"But I have to go back to work tomorrow."

"Let's do this, you and me, till I'm six foot three, or until one of us has to go back to work."

"Fine," she'll say. "That's fine," she'll say. She'll say, "Okay."

Happy Fuck Till You're Taller Day!