Sunday, July 28, 2002

Poor, Blind And Unable To Take Care Of Yourself For A Day Day!
Put your blindfolds on tight and just wander out into the street without having put on any shoes or pants or anything. A good hunk of you all will probably end up getting run over in the first five minutes, killing many. And so you'll have learned what it's like to be poor, blind and unable to take care of yourself. Shitting in your pants and walking into women's dressing rooms because you don't know how to use the toilet and you can't see where your going but you just keep wandering around town with no money or vision or basic survival skills. By the end of the day, you're gonna be so exhausted and you'll feel like a dick for all these years having made fun of people who can't see, buy lunch, or hold in farts. Not so easy is it?

(Note: A lot of you seem to enjoy doing a "retarded" voice. But not everyone who is unable to take care of himself is retarded. Many are just nuts. Please use the "retarded" voice sparingly. Thank you [dick].)