Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Don't Be Poor Day!
Why don't you have lots of money?

Fucking answer me!

I knew someone like you before. Murray, the lovable neighborhood retard who everyone tolerated because when we asked him to he would dance. Murray didn't have lots of money. But he was also one time driven deep into the cemetery and forced to strip down and fellate teenage boys and then left out there to nearly freeze to death. No one's seen Murray in a while. No one ever asks about him either. If he's dead, it has nothing to do with the cemetery thing because that happened years ago and Murray survived and even played video games at the pizza place with those boys sometimes.

Did that ever happen to you? If it did, whatever. You should really try to get lots of money though. As it is now, you're just kinda grossing everybody out.

Happy Don't Be Poor Day! Don't touch me.