Monday, July 15, 2002

I Think That German Guy Wearing The "Get A Job" Tee Shirt, The One With The Drawing Of The Angry Skeleton Forcing The Other Skeleton To Perform Oral Sex On His Empty Pelvis, Likes You Day!
That's right, the one with his hair done up in three pony tails with his bangs shaved who keeps screaming at the band "Rock and rolling great fuck!" He keeps smiling over here and pretending to fellate his bottle of Smirnoff Ice, but I doubt that means he likes to fellate things, more that he wonders if you like to fellate things. Do you like him? Because he gave me this note to give to you:

Hammy burgers. This is German MEN. Eat the hammy burgers and then the disco. You fuck faster?!

___ Chek if I am true

___ Chek when you have boyfriend all right.

Well?! What'd you check?