Friday, June 15, 2012

Your Idea For A Smartphone App Called Draw Boobs Is A Bad Idea Day!

Your thinking on this is that everyone loves that game Draw Something, and everyone loves boobs, so why not come up with a game like Draw Something except instead of having to draw gophers and shit, you just draw boobs. Over and over again, you and your buddy draw boobs for each other. You draw boobs and send it to your buddy, then your buddy has to draw boobs and send it back to you. Every time you receive each drawing you’re asked, “What are these things?” And you type, “Boobs!” Then you draw boobs again.

“What do you think?” you ask your wife.

“I’m in love with my boss,” she says.

You drop your sketches for the Draw Boobs app on the floor and you and your wife sit down so she can explain how it happened, how she tried to stay true to you, and how in the end it was inevitable. This is just who she is now. This is the love she’s been consumed by.

You listen, stunned, and maybe it’s just an effort to protect yourself, but you start feeling glad that she is leaving you before you seek investors for the Draw Boobs app. You stare at the sketches on the floor and you dream of the wealth that’s coming your way, and you look forward to your wife wishing she’d stuck around. You’re certain that app is going to be a runaway hit, but it won’t be. It’s really a bad idea, and you should focus on healing your heart.

Happy Your Idea For A Smartphone App Called Draw Boobs Is A Bad Idea Day!