Tuesday, August 04, 2009

You Switched Bodies With Another Zombie Day!

You are a zombie who loves to shuffle across the earth very slowly and eat brains. You also love to groan. Thanks to a freaky occurrence last night (you bumped into an old fortune telling machine that people used to put quarters into before the zombie apocalypse) you appear to have switched bodies with another zombie. So you are still the same zombie, except you're in a completely different zombie body. And that other zombie is walking around as you. This is going to be nutty!

You've been getting a lot of looks from other zombies who know the zombie whose body you're occupying and they are confused by how that zombie is suddenly so different-seeming (he used to drag his left foot, and now all of a sudden you're dragging his right). Meanwhile, your body is walking around with this other zombie inside it and you're worried that he's going to destroy the zombie life you've built for yourself. What if he tries to slowly attack the wrong people and gets your head knocked off your body with bats?

You and this other zombie need to figure out how to switch back before your careers are ruined. There's only one way you know how to pull it off. That's by shuffling around, groaning, and eating brains. You can do it!

Happy You Switched Bodies With Another Zombie Day!