Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Slip A Tylenol In Your Date's Drink Day!

Tonight's your big date with Roxy. If you wanna make it go REALLY well (wink wink) when she's not looking slip a Tylenol into her Diet Pepsi. As the Tylenol starts to take hold, any mild pain or inflammation she might feel will be slightly alleviated.

"I'm not sure why," she'll say with a smile. "But being around you makes my joints feel a little less achy. Only a little, but I definitely feel it."

"Guess we're hitting it off," you'll say.

Roxy will put her hand on yours. Take it away, then place your hand on hers.

"I have the upper hand," you'll say.

Roxy won't know what you mean. You'll mean that of the two of you, you're the only one at the table who knows that Roxy just ingested a Tylenol.

Happy Slip A Tylenol In Your Date's Drink Day!