Thursday, August 06, 2009

Inside The Touring Band’s Van Day!

You love your favorite band so much and you wish you could find out what goes on inside their touring van. Tonight after the show you’re going to find out.

The van will be sitting right there in the parking lot. The band will be inside and you’ll hear them hooting and hollering since the rear door will be cracked open.

You’ll get closer. Then you’ll lean your ear near the door and give a listen.

“You sang well,” someone in the band will say, probably to the lead singer.

“Thank you. You played guitar well,” the singer will say, probably to the guitarist.

“Thank you. I think we can all agree Rodney played his bass perfectly tonight.”

Rodney’s the bass player. You’re starting to get disappointed.

“What about me?” You’ll assume that’s the drummer.

“Best drumming ever!” the others will shout.

Then there’ll be an awkward silence that will last for what seems like an eternity. Finally, one of them (the guitarist you think) will say, “Why are we so guarded around each other?”

No one will answer. Two girls will shove you out of the way to climb in the van but the band will shout, “No girls allowed. Boys only!” and slam the doors shut.

You’ll walk home, wondering why people can’t just say what’s in their hearts. In the end you’ll realize, that’s just rock n’ roll.

Happy Inside The Touring Band’s Van Day!