Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Your Foolproof Method For Scoring Chicks Sucks Day!

Your foolproof method for scoring chicks sucks, but it just so happens that it’s perfect for getting kids to choose not to join street gangs. You made a point of trying to be as straightforward and no-nonsense as you could, thinking that chicks like guys who are direct. It should have worked on chicks and it might still. You should let someone who is attractive to women try it and see if it works.

The awesome thing is, though it didn't score you any chicks, your method is perfect for convincing inner city teens who are considering joining street gangs to forget about gang life and stay in school. That same no-nonsense, on-the-level approach is exactly what at-risk teens need to hear from an adult, and it’s rare that that’s what they get. If you were to use your method for scoring chicks to keep teens out of street gangs, and if you taught social workers and community leaders to use it too, you could help a lot of kids stay on the right path. It’s too bad you’re so obsessed with finally scoring some chicks that you couldn’t care a damn what happens to at-risk teens. Good luck at the bars tonight, you lonely asshole.

Happy Your Foolproof Method For Scoring Chicks Sucks Day!