Monday, March 19, 2007

Music To Your Ears Day!

You’re deaf and bitter, and you’ve been campaigning to make music illegal for years. Your platform is that if deaf people can’t enjoy music, no one should be allowed to because it’s mean to deaf people. Anytime someone challenges you, you accuse them of trying to be mean to the deaf and they relent. Today, the world governments have figured out a way to shut you up. They’re going to pretend to take a vote on your proposal, and they’re going to pretend that the vote was unanimous in favor of there being no more music.

“That’s music to my ears,” you’ll sign.

For the rest of your life you’ll go through your days feeling proud that you managed to get music eliminated from the planet. The rest of the world will go on listening to music the same way they always did, and you’ll never know since you can’t hear it. Everybody will laugh at you for being fooled so easily, but you’ll never hear the laughter either so it won’t ever make you feel bad. In other words, everybody wins.

Happy Music To Your Ears Day!