Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Your Dad Misses His Cellmate Day!

Your Dad spent four months in prison on an old warrant for trying to buy a gun from an undercover cop back in Denver. You missed him like crazy while he was away, and according to his letters, he missed you too. But now that he’s back, he seems kind of distracted. Ask him why.

“I miss my cellmate, Ronald,” he’ll say. “He was a born again, serving time for his second meth bust, and we used to sit up all night talking about all kinds of things. You’re really great to talk to, don’t get me wrong. It was just different with Ronald.”

“Maybe I can talk like Ronald,” you’ll say, trying to come up with anything to keep your Dad from taking a swing at a cop just to get thrown back in jail to see his friend again.

“You and I talk about Daddy-Daughter stuff,” he’ll say. “Ronald and I talked about prison stuff.”

“I sure am tired of being in prison,” you’ll say in as deep a voice as you can muster from your eleven year old throat.

Your Dad will just look out the window. “It’s sweet of you baby, but it’s not working.”

Don’t give up. “I bet you can’t wait to get out and see your daughter again.”

Your dad won’t say anything. He’ll stare off across the front yard, like he’s waiting for a car to pull up.

“Your daughter really misses you and when you get out everything’s going to be perfect!” you’ll say, still with the deep voice.

Your Dad will rub the top of your head, then he’ll walk past you out the door. He’ll get in his car and drive off. You’ll go upstairs and clean your room so hard that he’ll have to come back, won’t he?

Happy Your Dad Misses His Cellmate Day!