Friday, March 23, 2007

Today’s The Day To Complete Your “Reign Over Me” Action Figure Collection Day!

Your friends are going to be so jealous when they see that not only do you have the Don Cheadle wearing a dentist coat action figure, but you also have the long-haired Adam Sandler acting like he’s retarded action figure (they’re the only two action figures available for this movie so far). You’d better clean your apartment though because they’re all going to want to come over and take turns playing with the “Reign Over Me” action figures while drinking vodka drinks (you’re all in your late 30’s). Make sure to hog the stage for a while, showing them all of the special features on the action figures, like when you pull the string in Adam Sandler’s back he says how 9-11 was wrong. Or when you tug on the handle sticking out of Don Cheadle’s butt, he looks at Jada Pinkett-Smith to see if he’s allowed to go outside. Your friends might get angry when they find out there’s no Jada Pinkett-Smith action figure, and they’ll talk about how they heard you can buy one from Japanese online retailers. But they’ll all shut up when you show them how you can make the action figures comfort each other with silent knowing glances. After playing for a while, your friends will point out that their friendship with each other is just like the friendship between the Don Cheadle action figure and the Adam Sandler action figure, except that none of you lost your entire family when Saddam attacked the twin towers on 9-11. You’re all going to feel a little closer after tonight.

Happy Today’s The Day To Complete Your “Reign Over Me” Action Figure Collection Day!