Friday, January 07, 2005

Each Of These, My Three Babies Day

Each Of These, My Three Babies Day!

"I've decided my life needs to be more simple," tell them.

"How, Max?" asks Tricia.

"Yes, Max. How?" asks Maria.

"Have I made your life complicated Max?" worries Carolyn.

"You've all been wonderful to me. Very giving." Go to each of them and give them a long kiss on the lips.

"We're living in a conventional world, now," tell them. "And I'm at an age where I think it's time for me to adhere closer to convention."

Look at them wait for your conclusion. Were it not for their rivalries, they could huddle together in comfort. Each using her grip to steady the other's shaking.

"It is time that I made do with only one girlfriend," you say. They gasp in unison. Your eyes are to the carpet.

Carolyn's voice cracks. "Who do you choose?"

Pull the papers from your drawer. "That is yet to be decided. You'll find on this sheet of paper a list of items that can be found in various locations throughout the city. The one of you who acquires the most of the items on this list will remain my girlfriend. We will tally the fruits of your hunt in 24 hours from now, here in the living room. Do your best."

Your girlfriends scatter. Tricia is crying as she walks out the door.

Happy Each Of These, My Three Babies Day!