Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Your Mom Loves Him, Your Dad Wants To Kill Him On Sight Day!

He's in your hotel room, the fiancé who jilted you, the one you were supposed to marry. He's in your hotel room and tonight's the night before your wedding.

"No worries about your tidy little groom dropping in and interrupting us. That'd be bad luck, after all."

"Get out."

He wants more than just to screw. "I want you. Tomorrow I'll lose you forever unless I wake up by your side. I'm not leaving."

Your Mom and Dad are gonna drop by to kiss you goodnight. When your Dad sees Jonathan he'll try to strangle him, but your Mom will put a stop to it. Your Mom thinks you're making a big mistake by marrying this Rick kid tomorrow. She knows that Jonathan is the one you loved. Even though Jonathan broke your heart so bad you got into a car accident that put a faint scar on your face, your Mom thinks he's the one.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy about it," she once said when you confronted her. "There's nothing to be happy about when you find the one you love. But try too hard to deny that love and you're gonna die."

"Mom, he left me!" you sobbed.

Your Mom looked confused. "Yeah, but he'll be back. You know that right?"

Don't admit this please, but you always did know it. You couldn't imagine him staying away. Right now, you're just hoping you're more like your Dad now. You're hoping that the part of you that could love a cocksucker like Jonathan is dead. It's not.

Happy Your Mom Loves Him, Your Dad Wants To Kill Him On Sight Day!