Saturday, August 14, 2004

Die Humming Day!

You're a drug dealer who loves the music of Ben Folds because you're one of those "New" drug dealers who could be just a guy at the bar or a buddy at my wedding (you're white and young). Saturdays belong to you and for today's Saturday, you'll be taking some time to hang around in the park. You called some friends (again, you're a drug dealer, but you still call up friends and tell them that you're in the park and you have a Frisbee in case they feel like getting out) and some friends might come out to track you down later, but if not you'll be just fine on your own in the park all day.

At 2:20 you'll be sitting on a small hill on the outskirts of a field humming a Ben Folds song when a 17 year old soldier in a rapidly growing drug organization shoots you once in the chest and once in the left eye socket.

Happy Die Humming Day!