Thursday, August 19, 2004

Verbs Day!

I kill for sport. I kill the elderly and the women, mostly, because I'm not very good at killing yet. I try to kill women who are unmarried and have no children. An unmarried woman's death attracts less attention than the murder of a married mother of three. And Providence is not so big a town. The elderly are easy to kill too, and it takes a while before anyone is willing to accept they might have been murdered.

Over the past six years of killing, only two of my victims were the subject of a large-scale murder investigation. One was a woman who had a brother in the Senate (Maryland, not Rhode Island). The brother pulled some strings and kept the police up here asking questions for close to eight months. The other was a young girl I thought was just a runaway. I found her hitching for a ride. Turns out she
was a runaway, but wasn't even two hours out of the house. She never even made it out of the state before I got to her. The police found the body right away, but they spent most of their efforts trying to pin the crime on this older guy she'd purportedly been dating. They never came to me.

Kill, Kill, I'm, Killing, Kill, Are, Have, Attracts, Is, Are, To kill, Takes, Willing, Accept, Killing, Were, Was, Had, Pulled, Kept, Asking, Was, Thought, Was, Found, Hitching, Was, Made, Got, Found, Spent, Trying, Pin, Dating, Came

Happy Verbs Day!