Friday, August 06, 2004

The Carpenter Day!

He'd sleep with you. Just so you know.

You have a lot in common. You're both married. You're both in your forties. You'd both have sex with each other given the chance.

Except, you hired him. He's seen the way you hang out in the den while he's hard at work. He knows you downright ache for it. But were he to make the first move, your responsibility to your husband might rise up and force you to rebuff his efforts and fire him to appease your guilt for wanting so badly to feel his hands lift you up in the air by the small of your back.

You're going to have to make the first move. And there's only one way for you to go about it so he understands exactly what you want.

When he's down on his knees hacking into the baseboards to make room for the electricals, ask him, "Would you like me to fix you something to eat?"

He'll say, "Sure that'd be great."

Cross the room and stand just inches from his spot on the ground. Slowly lift your skirt until he is at eye level with your bare pussy. Say to him, "Chow down."

Happy The Carpenter Day!