Sunday, February 08, 2004

Your Suspenders, They're Scandalous Day!

Dangling down and flanking your barstool are two blue-then-red-then-blue-again suspenders that belong much more gentlemanly up atop your 38 year old shoulders. They fell when you stepped from the hotel bed to disrobe before mounting your volunteer coordinator again, just like you promised yourself you'd never do again.

She has photos and you have seventy dollars left of your change of a hundred sitting on the bartop. She threatened to send them to your wife and your opponent's campaign manager when she pulled them from the envelope three weeks ago. One hundred thousand dollars is all she's asking, a small price to pay to hang onto your marriage and your shot at a seat on the Dayton City Council.

You have it. You're going to pay it. You're still sleeping with her. Today was the second time since the photos were revealed.

Young men look at horrible men and wonder, is there a moment in time when such a man looks ahead and accepts that the beautiful man he'd hoped to become is nowhere on the horizon? Does he then decide his ideals have been for naught? Is he aware that he is the man he used to look at and wonder about?

All you know is you have seventy dollars worth of drinking to do before you gather the hundred thousand and sleep with your volunteer coordinator again.

Happy Your Suspenders, They're Scandalous Day!