Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Lemme Swing Out With You Day!

Lynn's skinnydipping with coworkers and she's scared of the rope swing. She's scared of getting unsightly burns on her thighs. She's scared of losing her grip before she gets out over the rocks. She's scared of looking like a fool in front of everyone from the office.

Janine, her supervisor, just swung into the water with a big splash. When she came back up to the surface of the lake, everyone was applauding. Lynn watched closely to see how Janine pulled away from the rope to avoid any burns. She watched to find out when to let go. But Janine's breasts are much smaller than Lynn's. Nothing to catch. What if Lynn lets go of the rope swing and the rope comes tearing up between her cleavage? For the rest of the day everyone will point at the red streak of rope burn searing up between her breasts and wonder if she has a skin condition. Everyone including the very adorable Daniel from Accounts Payable.

And what if there's blood? No. Absolutely not. Lynn hasn't even said hello to Daniel yet. And she absolutely refuses to greet him with blood streaking out over her bared breasts.

But she's afraid to step out of line. It's her department's turn at the swing. If she steps out of line she'll be letting everyone in Data Management down. She has to go through with it.

She's distracted by the guys from Legal playing volleyball. It's amazing, the way their cocks change shape. When she first saw Amrit get out of the water he had practically pulled up all the way within himself. And now he has five full flaccid inches flapping around with every set and spike. Lynn hears a splash, then applause.

It's Debra, the supplies coordinator. The applause is for her handstand. After her splash, she swam back to a shallower level to raise above the water only two legs and a glistening, untended black bush. Like a chopped down tree her legs slowly tip over into the water for one last splash. Then she jumps up from the water for a bow, drawing the biggest applause of all. In her bow, Debra shakes the water from her hair with a whip of her head, causing her very full breasts to reverberate with a ripple.

Debra's breasts are much larger than Lynn's and she came out without any damage. But there's still those rocks. And there are only two in line ahead of her.

"Hey Lynn." It's Daniel from Accounts Payable.

"Daniel. Hey."

They both have their hands on their hips. That happens when two people who are nervous around each other talk while completely naked. At the office, they have pockets to which they can retreat. Lynn tries folding her arms, but she's afraid Daniel will think she doesn't want him to see her naked breasts. So she keeps them on her hips.

"Hittin' the rope swing huh?"

A splash startles Lynn. Applause follows.

"Oh. Yeah, I'm a little scared."

"Oh come on," Daniel says. "There's nothing to it."

Daniel moves his hands up behind his head, then back to his hips. Lynn's eyes follow his hands, and when they drop back to his hips she's able to steal a glance at his genitals. She thinks he might be just a little erect.

"Those rocks though."

"You just have to keep from letting go too soon." Daniel looks out at the rocks, then leans in to Lynn. "Tell you what," he says. "Lemme swing out with you."

To do that, they'll have to wrap up their naked bodies around a rope. Lynn doesn't let the big loud Yes roiling in her belly escape. "Is that allowed?" she asks. "I mean, it's Data Management's turn."

Splash. The rope swings back and Daniel grabs it and holds it out to Lynn. "Hop on," he says.

Lynn wraps her right hand around the rope, her left around Daniel's back.

From the picnic area there are shouts of, "Hey Daniel, Accounts Payable already swung." And, "Get a room you two!"

"Push off with your left foot," he says. He puts his left arm around her waist and pulls her to him. She tries not to arch away when her breasts kiss his pectoral muscles.

"On three," he says. "Let go when I say now."

Daniel begins the count. On one, she wraps her right leg around his left calf. He's more than a little erect against her pelvis. On two they look at each other and smile.

On three Lynn is in Daniel's arms flying out over the surface of a lake. Accounts Payable and Data Management, floating in a naked embrace. When he tells her to, she falls with him.

With the splash, Lynn swallows a big gulp of water. When she breaks the surface, she can hear hoots and hollers behind her coughing. And she can hear Daniel asking her if she's okay.

She manages a smile in between her gasps. His hands are on her shoulders. When she can breathe again, his hands hold the sides of her head. He asks if she's okay again and she nods with a few more coughs. He pulls some hair from over her eyes, which are trained on his. He looks back at the picnic area where the cheering has died down. Then he whips about and puts his lake wet lips to hers. Data Management is pulled to Accounts Payable's naked body and the cheering from the picnic area explodes.

Lynn is nothing but a smile when they pull away and walk back to shore, holding hands underneath the water. People on the beach are singing, "Daniel and Lynn, swingin' from a tree," but stop after not too long because that makes it sound like they were hanged.

Happy Lemme Swing Out With You Day!