Saturday, February 14, 2004

King June Day!

Today a rapper named King June will ask you out on a date. He is the rapper who writes raps about wildflowers in bloom, love, and tasteful weddings.

Daisies in your hair
Love is in the air
Brotha groom waitin' with a smile
Go on Gina, wreck tha aisle

-excerpt from "Gina Goin Down Tha Aisle"
King June, copyright 2002

Unfortunately, you're seeing someone. King June's shoulders will fall and he'll ask, "Are you in love?"

"I think so," you'll say.

"But you ain't tol' him so yet?"

"No," you'll say. "But this one feels like the real deal."

King June will shake his head in sorrow. "Man it seem like a century since I been up in that kinda shit." You'll rub King June's shoulder. He'll smile and wish you luck.

Happy King June Day!