Thursday, February 05, 2004

Letter To A Lost Friend Day!

(Found ripped to little pieces in Denver)


You belong here in love with your wife and children. They forgive you and only want you to come home. Love is yours for the taking, Frank. And your job at the refrigerator store is waiting for you too. I asked Matt.

Lou's dead Frank. Ain't nothing gonna bring him back. I know you blame yourself and that's why you took off. But there ain't nobody to blame but Lou. That guy's been shooting his mouth off for too many years. Everyone knew it would one day catch up with him, just a matter of when and what he'd say. Lou's death wasn't your fault Frank. He got skin cancer fair and square.

Frank, I got a broken heart. My friend's gone and my heart's all broke up into three and four pieces. I'm trying to glue it back together, stitch it up, maybe some twine or hold it over a candle so the pieces melt back together, spirit gum, but it ain't helping. I got a broken heart and it ain't gonna get put back together until my friend cools off and comes home to be my friend again. I miss you Frank. My heart's broke.

Nick's Chicken, Frank. They finally finished remodeling and their doors are open. Same old Nick, same old five dollar pitchers. They sell rotisserie chickens too now, but they're not that good. Lorraine always wants me to bring one home to her though.

It's snowing right now here Frank. It's so beautiful. I wonder what the weather's like where you are. I just realized, when I finish writing this I have no idea how to address it. Maybe I'll just write:

To: Frank
Follow The Streak Of Gold

Jesus I miss you Frank. I took in Bartleby. I didn't trust your kids to take good care and Denise sure as hell didn't wanna go out walking your dog every night. So I got him here in the house. He's doing all right, but he's a bit thin. I think me and Bartleby are both too sick to eat with you gone. Aw Jesus my heart's broke Frank.

That's all I got. I'm beggin' you to come home. Can't do nothing else. Now I'll be waiting for you to come walking up the middle of the street some sunset. Hope it's tomorrow, but I'll be lookin' for you the next day too. Take care of yourself. Lemme see you one more time Frank.



Happy Letter To A Lost Friend Day!