Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Whole Body Day 1!

Jenna's gonna eat her boyfriend.

Pete, her boyfriend, likes to shout "That tickles hey!" whenever Jenna wraps her teeth around his big toe. He's real ticklish. But she can't help it. She's never had a boy like this before. A boy so very tasty.

"Every goddamn night there's this giant slab of the most beautiful flesh lying right next to me it's driving me crazy wanna bite it!" Jenna tells her Mom (divorced, dating).

"Your father."

Jenna waggles her head involuntarily. "I think about his belly and my lips rise to my gums. Feel my forearm muscles."

"Tense as a jungle cat, yes. Haven't we been through this? It ended badly." Jenna's Mom lets go of Jenna's forearm to light another cigarette. She lights one for Jenna. The only good thing that came out of her divorce was that she gets to spend these afternoons with her daughter Jenna.

While Jenna is with her Mom, Pete is sitting behind a receptionist's desk. He's on a three-month temp assignment at a firm that does marketing for non-profits. The reception area is a quietly lit burgundy. Perfect only for napping and letting your mind drift. Jenna's seen it.

"When can I see where you work?" Jenna pants every time Pete starts a new assignment. "I'll be thinking about you, and I want to get everything right. Can I sneak up tomorrow?"

When Jenna's Mom starts to tell a story, Jenna places Pete behind his desk, reading whatever novel she saw him stuff into his bag that morning, and her mind's eye flies all about him, up top taking in the cowlick of his hair, little lower to the bulk of his neck, down around that round sweet belly, legs she skips, arms with the shirtcuffs rolled up to reveal his forearms and his oh god—



Jenna folds her arms on the kitchen counter and grinds her eyes into her skin.

"You scared me half to death."

"Soooooorrrrry." She shoves her face into the join of her arms with all her weight, trying to bust through.

"Jesus, you got it bad. Go home and eat him."

Jenna snaps up her bag and runs out the door.

To be continued...

Happy Whole Body Day 1!