Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Looks Like Jeff's Dead Day!

When she comes home, make sure you're sitting on the kitchen counter fanning yourself with the postcard. She'll stop in the doorway and she won't put down the groceries. She'll know something exciting is about to happen.

"Looks like Jeff's dead," say.

"Prove it."

Hold up the postcard from Sally. The one you're using to fan yourself. Let her see the photo of Yellowstone and she'll put down the groceries.

Looks like Jeff's Dead. Bears.
Need $800 to get back to New Jersey. Western Union.
I'll call.

"My daughter's coming home," your Mom will smile.

"I told you not to worry."

Admit it though, you were the one who was worried. You never liked your sister's boyfriends, and you thought Jeff was going to be the one to take her away from you forever.

Happy Looks Like Jeff's Dead Day!