Monday, January 26, 2004

She's In Blue Day!

Three desks away from you there's a vision of heaven with hell in her eyes. Cheating on her math test by peeking at some formulas scribbled on a crib sheet isn't helping. She's lost. She's gonna fail the class. She's in blue jeans and a big green sweater with a hole in the shoulder revealing a bra strap.

A bra strap. A pitch-black bra strap shrieking at her winter white skin.

"Girls take off their clothes. Girls take off their clothes. Girls take off their clothes. At night before bed. In the morning before they take a shower. In the locker room, twice, before and after gym class. Sometimes girls take off all their clothes, even their underwear and their beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful bra straps. Other times, girls just take off their shirts and pants to put on other shirts and pants but they don't take off their underwear and their yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bra straps. Sometimes they take off their clothes just because they're home from school and…"



"Why all the chatter?"

"I was just whispering a little song to myself Mrs. Chenoweth."

"Well perhaps you'd like to get up in front of the class so that we can all enjoy your little song."

"You got it baby."

Slip out of your shoes and socks and take your mark in front of Mrs. Chenoweth's desk. Sing Milkshake.

Happy She's In Blue Day!