Thursday, January 05, 2012

Be The Gun Store Knifer Day!

Go into the gun store and hide in dark corners with your knife at the ready. When someone comes around the corner and within your reach, murder them silently with your knife. Then move to another part of the store and wait to knife other customers. Don’t stop until you’ve knifed about 30 gun store customers. No one will be able to believe someone would be able to kill so many people with a knife in a place where there are so many guns, which will illustrate your gun control thesis, “Guns don’t kill people…which is why they shouldn’t be sold. They don’t even work!”

Now go home and try to stop hearing the final last gasps of the people you knifed at the gun store. If you can’t make that happen, use the knife to stab yourself in the ears.

Happy Be The Gun Store Knifer Day!