Monday, February 21, 2005

Your Dad Once Kidnapped His Partner's Son Day

Your Dad Once Kidnapped His Partner's Son Day!

It's true. Ask him.

"Dad," you'll say. "Did you once kidnap your partner's son?"

"Yeah," he'll say. "But just once."

"Why?" you'll ask.

Your dad will tell you that he's glad you finally found out about it, since it's the thing he's most proud of having done, but he's never been able to tell you about it.

"I've taken care of you and your mother," he'll say. "And that's something to be proud of, certainly. And I've built a heck of a real estate holding company haven't I? But it's that extra step I took to get everything I needed, that one idea I had to lock it all up tight. It's the risks that you take in life, and the risks you take a pass on. The risks are what define a man. Remember that."

Your dad will be beaming now.

"Did you really kidnap a kid, Dad?"

His partner in his first holding company had some deals set up on the side, making some moves to push your Dad out of the picture but hang on to the assets. It would all be legal, but extremely underhanded. Your Dad was facing professional and financial ruin, so he kidnapped his partner's son and successfully extorted a ransom of $500,000 from him without getting caught.

"It was brilliant," your Dad will beam. "I even made my partner believe I was the only one he could trust to help get his son back. No one suspected a thing."

"Did you hurt his son?" you'll ask.

Your Dad will say, "Nope. He probably thinks it was all just a fun vacation away from home."

Your Dad will sit and continue drinking his Sambuca. You'll go back to your room and reread the letter from your Dad's old partner's son. It's an angry letter, full of threats. If he wasn't hurt, you don't quite get why he's so angry at your Dad still, after all these years. Just re-read it, then show it to your Dad. You should probably show it to him tonight. There are some things in that letter that need to be addressed tonight. You might get a bag packed while you're at it.

Happy Your Dad Once Kidnapped His Partner's Son Day!