Tuesday, February 22, 2005

You Look Like A Raccoon Day

You Look Like A Raccoon Day!

It's because you've been crying so much over how badly your boyfriend treats you. It makes your mascara run.

It's either time to tell him that you're not going to put up with his throwing stuff at your head while penetrating your friends and blowing all your money on electronics he gives to his ex-wife to try and win her back, or it's time to get some waterproof mascara because your boyfriend hates it when your mascara runs. The last time you cried and he saw you with those raccoon eyes, he punished you by promising not to see you for two weeks (he only went a week and a half because he had to go to the Jersey Shore for a winter beach party and he needed 800 dollars).

So, today, it's either tell him to stop making you cry or get yourself some better mascara. Hint: Buying better mascara won't involve any yelling, which you hate.

Happy You Look Like A Raccoon Day!