Monday, December 13, 2004

Love And War Day

Love And War Day!

Your boyfriend's in Iraq, and you've been faithful ever since he left. Before he left is another story.

"I won't betray this man when he's living a life surrounded by the promise of death at every turn," you tell Stephen.

"You'll betray your heart then," says Stephen.

"So be it," you say. "Don't come to the diner anymore."

Stephen has been good about staying away. Before Charles got shipped out, Stephen kept a nightly appointment parked in the parking lot across the street, waiting for your shift to end. You'd get into your car and follow him either to someplace scenic where you'd get out of your car and climb into his big backseat, or to a hotel with a parking lot away from the street.

Things got more intense with Stephen, and you had plans to tell Charles about him. You had plans to leave Charles, but the Army Reserves had other plans.

"I won't touch you while he's away," you told Stephen the night after Charles went away. "I can't risk coming home from a night with you to get a phone call saying my Charles got hurt."

"Now he's your Charles?" Stephen asks. "You'll give up your own happiness just to keep him from being made the fool."

"I've given up worse," you said. You were referring to the baby you'd aborted that morning. It could have been Charles'. But it was far more likely Stephen's. You couldn't risk it.

But you were seen coming out of the clinic. Not by anyone who knows Charles. But by Stephen's Daddy. They barely talk. But it wouldn't take too many words to say what he saw.

Happy Love And War Day!